Our Services

ChinaExpressBD provides International Import and Courier services since 2016. Our professional experience allow us to provide fast and reliable services for our clients.

Product Sourcing

Through us, you can buy at a lower price than you buy. We have the bulk order for different types of product regularly. So, you’ll get the bulk price even your quantity is small. Moreover, as we are the trading partner of different companies so you can be assured of the quality.

Air/Sea Freight

You can use both Air and Sea shipment depends on your quantity. We suggest using sea shipment for bulk quantity which is more than 1000 kg or so. All our freight partner are famous for quality service.


You can use our warehouse for shipment and we will store your product until you confirm us for shipment and this is completely FREE.


We check supplier’s authenticity upon our client’s request. We check their valid license copy with the previous bank statement to make sure they are doing real business. After that one of our representative visit the factory and supplier’s office and make an inspection report about production capacity, quality assurance, lead time etc. If the report is satisfactory then we inform our clients to pay 30% of the total amount. At the end of the production again our representative inspect the quality and everything and we let our client pay the 70% amount and make the product ready for shipment.

Door To Door Shipment

The Door To Door Shipment Service is for those businessmen who want to import product directly from China but want to avoid hassles from Customs or other formal processes. It is the simplest way to import from China. You don’t need to go through any formal process or No need to pay any Tax/Vat. Just send your products to our China warehouse and receive it from our Dhaka warehouse. Pay us according to weight at the time of receiving from Dhaka warehouse.


As per International shipping rules, Package cover by ‘Green Poly’ is a must. It also protects your goods from rainwater or other stuff when the shipment unloaded in port and waiting for customs clearance. Also, everyone can’t send batteries or Liquid by Air, But we have the permission from the airlines’ authority. To carry this type of Hazardous goods we have to make sure that every package is safe and pack them as per airlines’ rules. For example ‘Wooden Box’ for Liquid and ‘Safety Package’ for Battery. We will provide this type of packaging for hazardous goods.


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